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Should I Contact my Car Insurance for a Small Dent?

In Texas, it is state law to have car insurance for your vehicle. The policies can vary from driver to driver, but there must be standard car insurance coverage. Some insurance policies exist to cover drivers only during an accident. Other contracts give complete coverage for you, any other drivers and unpredictable events. So, if a car owner returns to their vehicle and notices a small dent to one of their doors, should they file a car insurance claim? Every situation is different, but base your decision on some facts and valuable car insurance information.

How Do I File a Car Insurance Claim?

If a driver chooses to contact their insurance, there is a certain procedure to follow. Most car insurance companies will recommend calling one of their representatives. The insurance representative will ask you about the event in detail. There will be a long list of questions that you must answer when filing an insurance claim. Insurance companies collect as much detail as they can to make sure no type of fraud takes place. Have your answers ready to the follow questions:

• Where is the dent?
• Where was the car when it happened?
• How long were you away from the car?
• How big is the dent?
• Were there any witnesses?
• Is there any paint damage?

One important tip is that drivers should take photos of the dent immediately. The insurance company may ask for pictures or physical proof of the damage. A few photos of the dent and surrounding area should be fine for the insurance claim.

Will a Small Dent Raise my Car Insurance Bill?

This question gets complicated since the answer depends on each case. Typically, any kind of insurance claim can raise monthly bills and payments. Some policies now have accident forgiveness and other alternatives. However, even if a small dent is not the driver’s fault, the driver may be held responsible for the damages. So yes, a small dent can raise car insurance bills, unless the driver has a special kind of policy. The car insurance claim will help with the dent repair, but after an investigation and increase in monthly payments.

How Can I Fix a Small Dent in my Car Without Insurance?

If a full investigation and higher monthly bill do not sound right, drivers can refer to other options. There are some DIY ways to fix a small dent. These at-home methods are not always successful. Any DIY repair should be done with caution. There are also local collision centers that repair dents of any shape and size. Auto technicians with collision experience can fix small dents easily. So, the final decision goes to the car owner. They can consult their auto insurance, but sometimes it is better to pick your battles.