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Accident Advice in a Hit and Run

Accident Advice in a Hit and Run

Unfortunately, automotive accidents happen every single day. There is a certain kind of accident that may cause more stress, repairs and fees than others. If you find that your vehicle has been hit by another car and there is no information left behind, then you are stuck with a hit and run. Stay calm in this situation. Your first reaction may be anger or frustration, but there are a few things you can do when you are stuck with a hit and run situation. Here’s some hit and run accident advice…

Call the Police

Call the police or file a report with the police and explain the situation. If you do not file a police report, it will be very difficult for you to do anything with your insurance. Call immediately. If you wait and leave the scene without filing a report, there may not be anything the police can do.

The police have a special report they fill out when it comes to hit and run accidents. There are available to help. You may have to wait for an officer to arrive, but it is better to wait than not call at all. The police may be able to find the driver responsible for the accident.

Collect Information

Before leaving the accident scene and while you wait for the officer, take photos of your car and the area you are in. Make sure to you record the situation any details as it happened.

Evidence with a hit and run care is a powerful thing. If you saw the accident, try to get the car model, number or other distinctive features that may help police. If you were not there, look for potential witnesses or cameras. This evidence can help build your case with the police and insurance.

Call your Insurance

Even with a hit and run, you may still file a claim with your auto insurance company. Many insurance companies are especially prepared for these incidents and will help you with the damages. It is important accident advice that you take your car into a trusted and professional collision center. Woodlands Car Care & Collision Center can help you after a hit and run with any auto body repairs.