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Car Questions for Your Mechanic

Car Questions for Your Mechanic


There are four important car questions you should ask when meeting a new mechanic. Mechanics provide car owners with automotive repairs, but there is no harm in asking a few questions first.

1. What certifications do you have?

Before letting anyone touch your car or make even small repairs, ask to see their certifications and credentials. Mechanics who are certified and proud of their work will be able to provide you with this information and give you a brief explanation about their mechanical experience. Not all mechanics have experience, professional training or have gone through sufficient education to provide the service they do. In order to ensure that this is not the case with your mechanic, ask about certification.

2. Do you offer new or used parts?

Many mechanics install used parts they manage to fix or restore in order to save on costs. Used parts can significantly shorten the length of your car’s lifespan, but it can also save you thousands of dollars. Before you hire a mechanic, ask if they use new or used parts. Also, ask if they provide an option so you can ensure that quality parts are being installed in your car.

3. Do you offer a warranty?

Your mechanic should offer a warranty on all services and parts that extends for at least a three-month period. Before you get your car repaired, ask your mechanic about the warranty options they offer on the specific repairs your car is getting, and make sure it extends to at least 10 thousand miles as well.

4. What’s wrong with my car?

If your mechanic answers the last three questions with answers you appreciate and you feel comfortable allowing them to work on your car, ask about the repairs needed to improve your vehicle. It’s important to let the mechanic figure out the problem then report back to you with what they find. A responsible mechanic will inform you of any issues before making repairs.