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Car Owner Rights

Car Owner Rights

After any type of car accident, like a fender bender or severe collision, a car owner can be in pain and unaware of their rights. There are people who unfortunately take advantage of innocent car owners or drivers in this situation. Tow truck drivers are not all vicious, but there are some wreckers who will trick drivers into signing over their car, immediately after being in an accident.

After an Accident

As a car owner, you have rights and responsibilities. No one can force you to sign any documentation or paperwork. Anything that happens to your car is up for you to decide. Tow truck drivers looking to prey on recent accident victims can put pressure on you and trick you into something you don’t want for your vehicle. Here are some responsibilities to remember:

– Call your insurance for advice after a car accident
– Ask for i.d. or some type of proof of business when approached by a wrecker
– Always get a hard copy of paperwork or contracts
– Read before signing anything!

Don’t Be Fooled

Finding roadside assistance that you can trust is possible and not every tow truck business is an imposter. It is important to stand your ground and stay calm after an accident though. Drivers have impaired judgment immediately after a crash so it is easy to be fooled. Always consider your options and talk to someone you can trust before sending your car off.

Be A Responsible Car Owner

A responsible driver cannot simply leave their damaged vehicle on the side of the road and return to the problem when it’s convenient to you. Responsible drivers know their rights and are prepared for this type of situation. If you do research and ask questions now, you will know what to do in case of an auto accident with your vehicle. Woodlands Car Care & Collision Center is a certified auto body shop that offers towing for you and your vehicle. Visit us for more information or advice about car owner rights and responsibilities.