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Here for you in The Woodlands since 1995

When looking for someone to work on your vehicle you need to find someone that is honest, reliable and experienced. For almost 2 decades, Woodlands Car Care and Collision Center has been helping people get to the root of what’s wrong and fix it right the first time.

Check Engine Light
Check engine light or service engine light, this normally means your vehicle’s computer is registering some kind of problem.
Don’t wait, bring it in to be checked out or you may end up causing damage to your engine.

Sqeeking or Noise When Braking
This could be a sign your pads or shoes are worn out and are reaching the warning indicators, or worse your brakes are
now metal to metal. In any situation, we will take a look and let you know what we recommend.

Car Pulls When Driving, Uneven Tire Wear
This can be signs of alignment problems or other suspention issues. Maybe you hit a curb or big bump in the road. Our team of experts can take a look and get you back rolling straight and on track. Alignment issues can ruin a good set of tires fast!

Low Engine Power, Misfires or Knocking
Any of these can be caused by a wide variety of problems from as simple as a badly plugged air filter, a problem with fuel
filter, vacumn lines to more extensive issues. Let us use our computer, and years of experience to diagnose and fix your investment.

Auto Detail and Cleanup
We also offer a wide range of packages for auto detailing, general cleanup, headlight restoration as well as full service auto glass & windshield repair and replacement. We also offer upholstery & carpet cleaning and replacement.

Auto Body & Collision
Our state of the art Collision Repair center can repair anything from the smallest scratch to the biggest dents. We can bill any insurance company, provide you with a rental car, and have you back on the road in no time.